Welcome at the website of Proffessional Internet Group Belgium. This group is a joint-venture between 2 Internet-companies Ris and Webservice. Who by this joint-venture share their network and knowledge. Pi-Group is founded by 2 internet pioniers, who are active since 1994. The bundling of the knowledge of both companies had been an extra value since the start.
Pi-Group mainly shares data centers and network resources, and technicians, business people and management are set up so that the customers of both companies are almost transparent.


Some milestones from our past
1995 RIS Start With Internet Services
1997 Web service starts with internet services
1998 Webservice / RIS first collaboration (database design)
1999 Webservice start data center Ghent
2002 RIS gets fiber Kuurne
2003 Webservice moves to Kuurne
2005 Web service starts with racks in Brussels
2008 PI Group becomes an official BVBA
2008 PI Group launches COLO room in Brussels
2008 PI Group receives AS number
2009 RIS Start Leaves / Cloud computing
2010 Webservice switches to DNSsec
2012 IPv6 implementation internal networks
2013 IDN deployment for .be.eu domain names
2013 IPv6 Deployment External Networks
2014 Registration of the first nTLDs via Webservice
2015 Acquisition Peweb by Webservice
2016 Acquisition infrastructure-RIS by Effix


Bundling of Internet companies. By sharing know-how and hardware, you get a service that even the biggest can not offer you through these companies.
The individual companies now already have more than 10,000 domains under their control, thereby contributing to the absolute top in Belgium!