AUP - Privacy Policy

In order to provide a professional service, we ask all our customers to adhere to the following rules.


Customer: The administrative contact of the relevant domain name, or his contact person (eg, web designer / bookkeeper)
The provider: PI-Group, the holding company above Effix / Webservice.
Networks: The networks managed by the provider.
Datacenters Suppliers: LCL: Kouterveldstraat 13, Diegem, Belgium / Leaseweb: Luttenbergweg 8, Amesterdam, The Netherlands.
Account: The service provided by the provider linked to a domain name

Protecting your personal information

When a user subscribes to the carrier for the first time, he / she will provide information about his / her private life (name, address, language, phone number, date of birth) We strictly ensure that this information is never distributed or sold to a third party institution. Each customer has permanent access to his / her personal information via his BackOffice to customize them if necessary. The carrier never distributes personal information except to comply with legal obligations and in case of explicit legal command.
See more in the GDPR section.
The carrier considers all traffic outgoing or destined for the customer as his / her property. This Internet traffic will never be used to illegally access the subscriber data, to destroy it or to threaten the subscriber's privacy. Data traffic can be checked for internal reasons and to check the quality of our service. The Data obtained in this way will be treated confidently.


  • 1 Data Register
    • 1.1 Physical storage and access
      Collected data with personal data is only stored in our own locations and in our supplier's data centers.
      Only suppliers who comply with GDRP legislation from 2018 will be used to save our data.
      Physical access to the servers where the data is stored is thus regulated and verified in the ISO / ISEA procedures of our Suppliers, supplemented with our own staff.
    • 1.2 Software moderate storage and access
      The data is stored in databases. The servers where these databases are stored are protected according to the guidelines in 1.2.1.
      Security of transport, storage and access is done according to guidelines generally described as safe.
      The customer can consult all privacy-related data on our websites by login and password, which data can also be viewed Become a provider of service provider with one of the Next competencies: business manager, senior accountantcy, senior network administrator or helpdesk.
      • 1.2.1 Software security servers.
        The servers where personal data are stored are physically separated from servers where customers can run their own software.
        Shell access is only possible through ISP's staff from internal IPs and separate ports. Monitoring of all accesses will be monitored by specific software.
        All software is periodically updated. Network administrators follow various forums / newsletters to respond quickly to urgent updates.
        Customers can only access shell access to their own (virtual) servers.
    • 1.3 Data Adjustments
      The data may be changed by the customer, except for data changes used by other services (e.g. domain name registration) and follow separate procedures.
      Change of data by provider's staff only happens until now. the customer.
    • 1.4 Data retention periods.
      Personal data of no longer active services will be permanently deleted 3 to 12 months after termination of service, except for external rules.
      External rules (Fiscus, Government, TLD Registry) can ensure that personal data are kept longer. For example, billing data will be taken saved for up to 10 years.
    • 1.5 Data Exchange.
      Personal data is only used for the services that the customer wants. When registering domain names, this data becomes the same passed to the competent suppliers.
      The customer can see on our websites what information is passed on to these suppliers.
      The data is not used by us, as well as not communicated to other parties for other purposes.
  • 2 incidents
    • 2.1 Incidents that are almost no personal data from us.
      This is usually a bug in software.
      An internal investigation is conducted by a senior network administrator who tries to find the cause and the relevant software supplier here.
      Customers who may be affected will be notified via the usual channels.
    • 2.2 Incidents involving personal data from us (possibly).
      A senior network administrator hereby reports to local authorities within 72 hours.
      All potentially affected customers will be notified of this.
    • 2.3 Incidents on our managed servers.
      A senior network administrator will immediately stop the service (s) we suspect to be compromised, and the affected customer (s) on raise the height.
      If the server-level incident has occurred, the network administrator will report to the local authorities within 72 hours.
      If the incident has occurred on the website or lower level and personal data has been leaked, the customer will have to do this declaration. We'll Help him with all possible resources (log files).
  • 3 others
    • 3.1 Review
      This document will be reviewed annually for the PI Group Annual Meeting


Unauthorized Web Sites:
Websites containing pornographic material, or only links to these sites.
Websites that contain illegally obtained information, or information that is copywright protected.
Websites with illegal software.
Websites containing racist or fascist material, defamatory language against a group or individual.
The Customer acknowledges that the provider is unable to read the contents of the information placed on her server (s) and on the various websites to check. The Customer is and remains solely responsible for the content of the site, including but not limited to the choice and the consequences of placing hyperlinks to other sites.
In case of doubt, the provider will decide the site / not to allow on their server.
However, when users place one of the above sites on-line, they will be notified by the provider, and so the get a chance to change the site.
After not hearing the notices, the provider will terminate the contract without refund of the costs incurred.


Including, but not limited to, the use of the network to:
a. to obtain illegal access to the data of the connected networks;
b. to harm the Service or endanger the operation of the network to other users;
c. partially or completely destroy the integrity of computer data;
d. to compromise the privacy of the network users.
It is acknowledged that Customer may use the service for worldwide links with other networks and the Customer undertakes to adhere to the Policies for Acceptable Use of these networks.
The Customer undertakes to comply with the Internet Protocols and Standards.
Any application that overloads the network, in any way, will be considered as a potentially offensive use of the network (overflow and refuse service) and is prohibited.

Email Usage

It is the Customer's forbidden email to send to people who do not wish to receive it. It is expressly forbidden to send the answers of large numbers of unsolicited e-mails, of any kind, or to receive, or to send the same or similar messages to large numbers of newsgroups (also called "spamming"). It is also forbidden to use electronic mail or Usenet news in a manner that is clearly disturbing (such as "mail bombing "). Mail relays on the Customer site should be protected by spamming and spammers.
The Customer may not forward or distribute chain letters or malicious e-mails.
These rules apply to any distribution medium based on the Internet and also to any application that uses the Internet (eg Usenet news, faxed documents via the Internet).
The Customer is forbidden to falsify header information.
Customer is not allowed to ask mail at any address other than that of the Customer, except when the Customer has the full has permission from the owner of that address.

Users who are using our servers according to one of the Next abuse will be deleted immediately from the email server.
After consultation with Webservice, they can have their email account again.
For repeated violations, the email account will be permanently terminated, without refund of the costs incurred.


The provider reserves the right to refuse / terminate for any reason.
An account is always for 1 year and is renewed every year after confirmation from the customer.
Payments will be made by bank transfer no later than 21 days after sending the invoice.
Terminations must be reported to the Provider at least 1 month before the expiration of a year.
Setup fees and domain names must be paid at all times.
The customer agrees that invoices will be sent digitally by email.

Terms and Conditions

The carrier is not liable for the costs / damage caused by the hardware on the servers.
The carrier is not responsible for the up-to-date and complete backup of backup files, unless contracted closed.
The provider is not responsible for the content on their customers' sites.
Disputes between the provider and his customers will only fall under the jurisdiction of the Hasselt courts.
The provider is responsible for informing the federal police federal computer crime unit (FCCU) when he exists suspected illegal acts or activities on the Internet within the scope of its activities related to domain name registration. The FCCU can be contacted at . In front of For more information about the FCCU, see . The postal address is DJF - FCCU, Notelaarstraat 211, 1000 Brussels.

The provider obliges vis-à-vis the customer to make any changes to his account or the corresponding terms in writing to either by email or by letter.

The provider endorses as .se the .se domain name code. As can be read at . The price for one .se domain name is up to 45 EUR / year, excluding hosting / email